Some of Our Brands ....

Simple Vodka

1 in 6 Americans don’t know where their next meal will come from. That’s a problem. So we came up with a fun way to fight back against hunger. It’s easy 1 drink = 1 meal. Its that Simple. Each bottle of Simple is sustainably distilled from farm-to-bottle Idaho potatoes and fresh water from the Snake River Aquifer.

Valmas Cremas

is steeped in tradition dating back decades. Cremas has its beginnings in Haiti and variants of its recipes have been passed through generations. Mr. Val Marius took a well-guarded family recipe and adjusted its elements in order to create what today is a unique blend of cremas.

Rum Java

Artisan Crafted Rums are all natural and inspired by our passion for Caribbean culture, rum, and coffee. Born from Java’Mon Coffee based cocktails made in Cruz Bay, St. John, our RumJava handcrafted collection of fine Rums are infused with five of our favourite coffee blends and other natural flavours.

Protect The Revenue

Is the latest line of premium products from Citrus Distillers. This line includes Vodka, Whisky, Brandy & Rum. Think local, buy local.

Mr Toms Spirits

List Distillery is a Family Owned and Operated Craft Spirit Distillery founded in 2015 and located in Fort Myers, Florida. Renate and Thomas List are passionate people devoted to the art of distilling the best craft spirits possible using locally sourced crops and organic ingredients.

Mermaid Vodka

Mermaid Vodka is a premium Vodka brand headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. This ambitious undertaking was born from Founder and CEO, Carol Strickland’s childhood memories of fishing with her father, always looking over the sides to see if just once, a truly magical Mermaid would appear. She took her love of the sea, fishing and good Vodka and determined that she can make this spirit better than anything out there.

Mystic Imperial Vodka

Hand-crafted from the finest grain and infused with hemp seeds, Olde Imperial MYSTIC Vodka has a slightly nutty flavor and an ultra-smooth vanilla finish.

Kavana Rum

Most companies want to tell you about their story. To us, you are far more important. Your story is where Kavana starts. You have worked hard for what you have achieved. Whether that's the new job, the latest acquisition, the 'yes' she gave you when you gave her a ring, or even getting through the day and getting the kids to bed without pulling your hair out, you have something to celebrate.

The Blend Spirit

The Brazilians are experts in caipirinha and cachaça the whole world already knows. But the novelty is that the tradition and the taste of the true Brazilian artisanal brandy came to the United States, with The Blend Spirits.

Fifty States Vodka

Meet the vodka that changes everything. FIFTY STATES Vodka is about setting a new standard and is determined to make a statement. Our thorough 6 time distillation process combined with a proprietary blend of premium U.S. grain gives Fifty States Vodka its unique and refreshing taste. Everything from the Fifty States glass bottle to the vodka inside of it is entirely made right here in the United States of America.


AMI Rum is a golden blonde cane rum with light spice, citrus notes and a caramel finish. We use only the best ingredients and are proudly distilled and bottled right here in Florida. We deliver small batch quality, every time. Please kick back, unwind and sip away. You are on island time now. Be Local


You Don’t Have To Choose Between Good Liquor And Exciting Flavor Have both. Infuzed is an alcoholic mix-in that turns any liquor into an adventure. Mix a capful of your favorite Infuzed flavor with two ounces of your favorite liquor and see what you’ve been missing. Or try your hand at our award-winning recipes and experience the fun of flavor your way.

Five Drinks


Southern Panther Distillery

Ouroboros is Aged in Small Format, Charred, American Oak Barrels and is 100% Grown, Fermented, Distilled, Aged and Bottled in Florida.


Hellisøy is defined by our family's commitment to crafting a unique spirit with only fresh, high quality, and natural ingredients. We distill Hellisøy Habanero & Hellisøy Vodka locally in Palm Beach County in our home state of Florida.

Dezz Nuts

We are a spirits company with a sense of humor. Our vodka is made from only the best ingredients, with a one of a kind taste. Here at Dezz Nuts, we wanted to create a product that was unique, fun and delicious.

Glory Vodka

Glory Vodka is an American-made ultra premium spirit that does not compromise when it comes to quality. Carefully crafted in small batches from a selection of the finest corn, our vodka is distilled six times before receiving the seal of approval.

Ingenious Gin

An intelligent spin on the original gin; infused with the absolute best natural ingredients to create a smooth taste for the new gin explorer or the gin connoisseur.

LS Cream

Inspired by one of the most iconic beverages from the Pearl of the Caribbean, known as cremas, LS Cream Liqueur is a rich blend of fresh cream and exotic spices. Refreshing and savory, LS Cream Liqueur is the apogee of cream liqueur craftsmanship.

Balt Strawberry Vodka

Made of 100% Corn Vodka, 6 times Distilled, Gluten Free, Infused with fresh Local Strawberries.

Redd Rose Vodka

Strawberry Lemon Flavored Vodka

Leisure Time Cocktails

A new era of cocktails Premium liquors with all natural fruit juices and cane sugar.

Proof Artisan Distillers

We proudly create handcrafted, nationally award-winning spirits, made with pride in North Dakota from North Dakota potatoes, barley and corn.


liqueur is crafted with premium vodka, herbs, spices and a unique blend of fruit flavors to bring out the passion and lust for life in any situation.

Yolo Rum

Distilled and blended in Panama from locally grown sugar cane, Yolo is made by one of the world’s top distilleries.

Sevigne Vodka

Platinum Vodka.. 5 times Distilled...

Baja Billy

Made with a century-old family recipe using the finest blue agave in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico is used to create the premium-crafted flavor.


Rascito is a herb infused lightly carbonated ready to drink cocktail. Valerian, Hawthorn, Mint, Ashwagandha and Lime are just some of the exotic herbal flavors found in this mysterious elixir.

Red Hazel

is a 3 times distilled rye blend with a hint of cinnamon spice. Taste the difference in this unique blend that is elegant enough for a woman, yet bold enough for a man.