Signature- 750ml

we infuse our vanilla flavored rum with just a touch of coconut and our freshly roasted Signature Kona Blend coffee beans. The beans of course come from Hawaii and because the bean produces a lot of oil, our RumJava Signature has a very silky texture. Great on the rocks, neat, in new craft cocktails, or in re-invented classic cocktails. RumJava Signature works really well with light fruits. 35% ABV


Caco'Mon- 750ml

a chocolate rum infused with a blend of beans from Brasil and Colombia. Our Cacao’Mon beans are roasted in chocolate, red wine, and spice. Terrific on the rocks, or neat with an orange twist, Cacao’Mon is a bartender favorite and works well with almost any ingredient one might enjoy with chocolate including darkfruit, mint, and chili spice. Cacao’Mon also makes great shots 35% ABV


Cinna'Mon Bay- 750ml

a Cinnamon and Hazelnut Flavored rum infused with our hazelnut Cinnamon Bay Coffee made from Brasilian and Colombian beans roasted in cinnamon and hazelnut. Cinnamon on the front end and hazelnut on the finish, Cinna’Mon Bay is smooth and is very popular neat, in cocktails, and in shots. 35% ABV


Mahtini' Mon - 750ml

our original inspiration. A chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, Java’Mon Espresso infused rum sans the cream. Mahtini’Mon is essentially a dry Espresso Martini in a bottle – the beans are a dark roasted blend of beans from Brasil and Colombia. 35% ABV


Espresso Rum Cream - 750ml

an amazing combination of Wisconsin dairy cream, and a lower proof version of our Mahtini’Mon rum which has been flavored with vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut. It is infused with Java’Mon Espresso beans and is great on its own neat, chilled, in cocktails, shots, and in a two-ingredient espresso martini. 17% ABV


Caffe Con Horchata - 750ml

a fresh Wisconsin dairy cream is used to create our version of Horchata. To the cream, we add rum infused with an amazing blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee we call Love City Strong. We add cinnamon and a touch of coconut for balance. Great neat, in cocktails, chilled, or as a dessert pour over. It pairs perfectly with Cinnamon’Bay to make a terrific two ingredient martini. 17% ABV



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